BluStone Architecture Studio is a full service architecture firm which endeavors to provide the highest quality design structurally, practically, and aesthetically.  This is achieved only through close and sustained dialogue with our clients.  From the first sketch to the final construction drawings we want to educate our clients and be educated on what is a successful project.  We know that it is through collaboration internally, with clients, and with consultants that success is achieved.


There are areas of architectural practice which our staff has been able to accrue knowledge of over the years.  We are here to share this knowledge with our clients to create the best designs possible.

We work diligently to provide a comfortable, safe, and welcoming design for our multi-family residential projects with special care given to design of privacy, accessibility, and level of finish.

Our commercial projects are tailored to the fulfillment of the needs of our commercial clients.  This includes the examination of feasibility of multiple sites if desired as well as extensive programming of spaces through intensive dialogue with the end users.

From pre-elementary, elementary, high school, and higher education we engage early with educators, administrators, and facilities managers to understand the needs of teachers and students in the built educational environment.  From safety, security, technology, sustainability, environmental design and beyond we provide an environment to nurture learning and empower both students and teachers.

As population density increases in towns and cities we work to provide intelligent solutions with regard to mixed use.  Ground level commercial spaces with residential units above create an opportunity for convenience, attraction, and liveliness to their urban environments.

A spirit of collaboration is required when designing monuments or monumental projects.  We work closely with the client and their consultants to realize their vision and to help tell a story through form.

We meet the challenge of fulfilling client’s needs in existing spaces head on.  Whether it’s studying multiple existing plans conformance to the client’s program, or defining the client’s needs to make an existing space more usable, the utmost care goes into providing the client with an efficient and aesthetically pleasing space that helps them get the job done.

The most sustainable architectural design is the one which reuses an existing building either by adapting its structure to a new purpose from which it was intended or by breathing new life into a building that was neglected.  In doing so great care is taken to improve upon accessibility, energy efficiency, and usability.


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